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Stop the Devastation of Your Teeth

Are your teeth loose or changing position? When you brush or floss, do you experience gums that are prone to bleeding? If so, you should know that these symptoms are the primary indicators that you’ve developed periodontal (gum) disease. In fact, gum disease, not tooth decay, is the number-one reason people lose their teeth. Fortunately, if the infection is treated in the milder stages, it can be reversed with nonsurgical methods. If you’ve been told you need gum surgery, we can help you stop the devastating effects of gum disease. Call us today.

Gum Disease Treatment Lititz PAGum Disease Can Contribute to Heart Disease and Even Stroke

Current medical research has exposed gum disease as a major contributor to the onset of strokes, heart disease, and many other life-threatening conditions. In truth, stopping gum disease will make all the difference in your efforts to retain your overall good health.

The American Dental Association’s projections show 8 out of 10 people in the United States have periodontal (gum) disease. With such a high infection rate, you would think that gum disease would be handled as a national epidemic, but because tooth loss has long been accepted as being merely unpleasant, the ruthlessness of the disease has been disregarded for far too long. However, things are changing.

The American Academy of Periodontology reports: “Studies found periodontal infection may contribute to the development of heart disease, increase the risk of premature, underweight births, and pose a serious threat to people whose health is already compromised due to diabetes and respiratory diseases.” What this means is that when you develop periodontal disease, the bacteria that poisons your teeth and gums can penetrate your other soft tissues, transfer into your bloodstream, and create problems in your heart, lungs, and other necessary organs. If your health is already compromised, gum disease will make things worse.

Now the Good News

Most dental insurance plans provide coverage for available treatments. With advanced periodontal disease, the treatment is surgical. However, for all other instances there are powerful NON-surgical treatments that, when united with improved dental hygiene, can effectively stop the spread of the disease.

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment Lititz PADefeat Gum Disease Painlessly

If you’re going to cure your gum disease, you’re going to require a powerful weapon. At Hicks Family Dentistry, we offer our patients a powerhouse antibiotic called ARESTIN™. Compounded in a powder form, made up of tiny microspheres, this antibiotic is applied at the point of infection. Time-released, it works continually to kill the bacteria. Not only does it do the job, it is completely painless.

What’s So Bad About Losing a Tooth?

Dr. Hicks advocates for dental implants to replace your missing teeth. Because regardless of how you lose a tooth – gum disease, decay, accident, or other trauma – without a replacement you may rapidly experience a host of other health issues. Losing even one tooth can trigger your other teeth to change position and eventually alter the way you process nutrients from your food. You may suffer weight gain (or loss), a shriveled facial appearance, or even an unwanted change in your speech patterns.

Implants work efficiently to replace one tooth or many. They’re made to blend with your remaining teeth, looking so natural that at first glance even a dentist may not notice the placement. An implant’s permanence means no embarrassing slippage, upping your confidence level every time you smile. Ask us today about replacing your missing teeth.

We can help arrest your gum disease and bring your smile back to health. Give us a call today at (717) 625-0596.

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